About me

About Me


illustrator and graphic designer living in Kingston.

I graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2009 with a BA in graphic art.  Since then I have worked for assorted print shops, as well as working on the print and web ads for a local art supply chain.  

Currently I am working on a freelance basis, creating custom logos and T-shirt designs for a company in Argyle, and creating custom tattoo designs for a tattoo studio to copy onto skin.

I have worked on book covers, t-shirts, keychains, emblems, logos, business cards, mailers, post cards, greeting cards, album covers, event invitations, gifs, menus, coloring books, tabletop games, videogame assets, and much more.

I specialize in working quickly and keeping constant communication going as I create what you envision.

I am always accepting commissions, if you'd like to contact me about a project, please email at grazdelstudios2018@gmail.com